The Meg

The Meg

The Meg is the answer to those who want to optimize their spaces by being the first "all in one station" Bench; thanks to the application of the targets it is in fact possible to check the wheel alignment, the calibration of the ADAS systems and the intelligent headlights.

The Meg can also be integrated with the Car Bench Contact Evolution electronic measuring instrument, which can be positioned on the crossbeams and without the need to be removed during the loading / unloading phase of the vehicle.


Born as a jig bench with a frame increased to 6.0 meters in length positioned on a 6 Tons lift, The Meg has been integrated with turntables that allow the vehicle to be perfectly aligned, making the verification procedures much faster.


The maximum working height is 1.80 meters and allows the operator to work in complete ergonomics. This means being able to work in a more comfortable position, ensuring greater simplicity and precision in using the bench itself. 

To facilitate the positioning and / or movement of The Meg inside the bodyshop, the lift has a double effect, this means that the base can be lifted from the floor, allowing the bench to be moved thanks to the four twin wheels.






Bench Length

6,0 m (20')

Load Capacity

6 ton (13,300 lb)

Min. lifting height

320 mm (1')

Max. lifting height from working area

1800 mm (5' 90")

Weight of lift with frame

2,30 ton.

Nominal Power

2 Kw

Nominal Voltage

380 V

Nominal Current

4,3 A

Nominal Frequency

50 Hz

Max pressure when lifting

280 Bar

Max pressure when lowering

130 Bar

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