The panel beater has always had the need to have a puling system that allows him to make pulls in the desired direction and oriented in space. The 'OCTOPUS' pulling system satisfies this need by allowing you to repair any type of accident on all points of the car. In the front, in the rear, on the sides, under the floor, inside the passenger compartment or in the engine compartment; it is in fact possible to direct the pull in the direction of the resultant of the forces that caused the deformation during the crash and in the opposite direction.


The 'OCTOPUS' bench allows repairs in ideal conditions, without alteration of the geometric and mechanical characteristics of the body due to unsuitable pulls (with obligatory direction) and by reducing intervention times.


The system consists of two pull posts, each of which runs on a beam placed laterally on the bench.


The beams can be removed and brought closer to the bench with a pneumatic gun. Each arm, equipped with fully mechanized movements, is able to assume, thanks to the five degrees of freedom, any pulling direction. The system can be locked in the position and with the desired angle, the desired pull can be performed when the locking is completed.


The entire pull post can perform a 360 ° primary rotation at the base. Moreover with the same post it is possible to obtain an opening up to 90 ° (opening speed 0.75 rounds/minute). Finally, at the locking point, the pull post can perform a further secondary rotation of another 360 °. To make the 'OCTOPUS' pulling system easier to maneuver, a further possibility of movement has been inserted, determined by the horizontal column of the pull post, which being composed of three parts sliding one inside the other, can bring the vertical arm closer to the car mounted on the bench. This possibility allows you to pull inside very low cars and allows you to pull with the arm positioned under the car floor. Moreover the operator has the possibility to carry out the push where it is necessary. The pitch of the telescopic tube is 200 mm, controllable millimeter by millimeter.




Weight 1800 Kg
Load Capacity 6000 Kg (13,300 lb)
Max. Pressure when lifting 300 bar
Max. Pressure when lowering 120 bar
Minimum Lift 310 mm (1')
Max. lifting height from working area 1800 mm (5' 90")
Nominal Power 1,85 kW
Nominal Voltage 380V
Nominal Current 4,3 A
Nominal Frequency 50 Hz


Pull posts Octopus

Pulling power

12 ton.

Pushing power

12 ton.
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