The CB-302 is a MIG-MAG inverter synergic welding machine, with pulse and double pulse functions, capable of welding and MIG brazing galvanized sheet metal, high-strength steel and aluminium alloys. 


Thanks to the presence of 2 separate wire feed motors, which makes it possible to use 2 separate wire reels, it can therefore keep 2 different types of torch mounted simultaneously with different wires, as well as use special torches such as the Push-Pull. 


The CB-302 is the ideal response to the body's needs, faced with the increasingly widespread availability on the market of vehicles made completely, partly, or simultaneously of materials such as galvanized sheet metal, high-strength steel and aluminium alloys.


The power source is standard-equipped with a wide range of synergic curves in memory.


The compliance with EN 61000-3-12 brings substantial energy saving and a wide supply voltage tolerance (+15% / -20%). 




Single phase input 230 V 50/60 Hz +15% / -20%
Fuse rating (slow blow) 20 A
Input power

5,7 KVA 60%

4,1 KVA 100%

Min.-max. current that can be obtained in welding 15A / 200A

Duty Cycle (10 min.40°C)

According to IEC 60974.1

200A 60%

160A 100%

Stepless regulation Electronic
Wire size that can be used

0,6/0,8/0,9/1,0 Fe

0,6/0,8/0,9/1,0/1,2 Al

0,6/0,8/0,9/1,0 Inox

0,8/0,9/1,0 Cu-Si 3%

0,8/1,0 Cu-Al8 (AlBz8)

Max. wire spool size

Ø 200 mm /5 Kg

Ø 300 mm /15 Kg

Protection class IP 23 S
Weight 75 Kg
Dimensions mm 588x952x990H


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