Steel Kit

Steel Kit

The steel-kit is the ideal partner for the repair of all the small damages which happen daily and which need to be repaired in any body-shop. lt is a reliable, fast and easy system that reduces the repair times to the minimum, considering that the preparation of the panels are reduced to the minimum.


The paint is very marginally removed. "Using the repair glue kit the paint is not removed at all"! The highest flexibility of the mobile foot of the bar makes the reparation possible in any area of the car and thanks to the suction cups it can be used also on the vertical panels.


Due to its robustness it is also possible to do middle-big repairs. And always just by 1 worker. Last thing to notice is that the kit is equipped with a specific spot generator for steel which guarantees the highest performances also in the most difficult surfaces.


Repairing has never been so easy!

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