Spray Booths

Spray Booths

Car Bench spray booths are designed and built to meet all the needs of the body shop, with the aim of lasting over time. The lighting of the cabins is provided by large surface ceiling fixtures able to eliminate reflections and shadows without altering color tones. Thanks to their great modularity it is possible to meet every type of space in the bodyshop. The control panel, completely redesigned, has an easy and simple interface that is able to facilitate work functions thanks to the possibility of programming temperatures and work cycles.


In recent years the technology of spray booths has undergone a drastic improvement thanks to the advent of endothermic systems. This new solution has totally changed the design and the way of use so far known of the spray booths. The endothermic panels were born for the painting with water based products but their use is strongly recommended nowadays for all types of paint. The absence of the burner and of the heat exchanger make the fumes expulsion pipes superfluous, as well as the construction of warehouses and thermal plants of type REI 120.


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