Car Bench at the heart of Porsche Development Centre

With electric or combustion engine, for the racetrack or for the road, it does not matter. All Porsche vehicles and their ideas, design and performance start from Porsche development Centre in Weissach, just outside Stuttgart in Germany. 


Since 1988 Car Bench International has been part of this unique state of the art development centre where Car Bench Protoline modular benches support Porsche in giving shape to their racing dreams.


Recently, the gates to the site have opened to offer a view of what is inside the most secret Porsche site. Spaces offer an internal Foundry, various climate chambers and an aeroacoustic wind tunnel just to name a few. In the first picture of a recent article published by Porsche Newsroom, Car Bench frames are clearly visible, which normally host the prototypes on Car Bench universal supports system.


This is the concept behind our most famous motto “Built on Car Bench - repaired on Car Bench”.


For a more thorough glimpse inside the Centre, have a read to the original article:


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