The 'Triton' Quick Pull Bench is a bench mounted on a double-effect electro-hydraulic scissor lift.


It can be installed within the floor, or placed on the lift plate and can also mount four wheels that make it perfectly mobile.


It is suitable for any type of spot repair of cars and small commercial vehicles.


Equipped with an easy and fast pulling system (with 10 Tons pulling capacity), applicable at any point of the frame, with vertical and horizontal rotation +/- 90 °.


Excellent as a lift for disassembly and reassembly. The anchoring of the car can be done with the provided universal sill clamps in a practical and fast way. In addition, a package is also provided for the 'Triton' model which offers the possibility of mounting - in a reduced version - the universal Jig.


Among the optional accessories you can find the Contact Evolution electronic measuring system, some special sill clamps, the downward pulling system, the wheels and a cover for floor installation.




Frame Length  3000 mm (9' 8")
Frame Width  880 mm
Max. lifting height from working area  1840 mm (6')
Minimum Height  115 mm (0,38')
Load Capacity  3200 Kg (6,614 lb)
Lift Weight  0.87 t
Nominal Power  2 KW
Nominal Voltage  380V
Nominal Current  4,3 A
Nominal Frequency  50 Hz
Max pressure when lifting  320 Bar

Weight of electrohydraulic control unit

 60 Kg

Control unit tank capacity

 5 L


Pull posts


Pulling power

10 ton.


  • Triton
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