Ferrari Repair Methods

Ferrari Repair Methods

As communicated by Ferrari S.p.A. in its own Aftersales Standard Book (Ed. 2015 IT 2166 - March 2014) CAR BENCH International S.p.A. is the sole authorized Ferrari supplier for bodyshop equipment.


The goal of the Ferrari training in CAR BENCH is:

  • to guarantee the quality and efficiency of the repair work
  • customer satisfaction
  • and the certification of the authorized bodyshop.


During each course, only equipment approved by Ferrari is used and quality certifications on aluminum welding are issued / renewed according to the UNI EN ISO 9606-2 standard, valid for two years and with the obligation to renew within this period. For this activity CAR BENCH avails itself of the collaboration of the certifying body "I.I.S." Italian Institute of Welding.


Specific training on repair techniques, of significant importance for aluminum models, is diversified according to the type of course itself.


The Training is therefore divided between basic and advanced.


The basic course lasts ten days and is aimed at new technicians or those who have never participated in Ferrari chassis / bodywork courses. In the first five days the participants commit themselves to achieve the welding certification. In the remaining five days the repair methods on the recently produced Ferrari models -for which the body is available - are addressed.


In particular, the contents of the basic course are the following:


• Construction and functional characteristics of the body;

• Repair features and product information;

• Cutting points and joining techniques for body repair;

• Different materials of bodywork components;

• Methods of use and methodologies related to new tools and equipment;

• Special features of dent removal techniques from the bodywork;


The advanced course has a duration of five days and is intended for those who have attended the basic course and who must renew their quality certification on welding. Twenty hours are then devoted to the welding practice for the renewal of the certification and in the remaining twenty hours the methods of repair on the Ferrari model of imminent launch on the market are dealt with, according to the availability of the relative body.


The contents of the advanced course are the following:


• Design of bodywork and repair systems

• Materials science - aluminum / steel;

• Cutting points on chassis and bodywork;

• Methods and procedures of the various riveting techniques;

• Practice welding on specific points of the frame;

• Methods and procedures of the various dent removal techniques;

• Exchange of experiences and lessons learned;


CAR BENCH International S.p.A. it also lends itself to the organization of everything concerning the stay of participants such as food, lodging and daily transfers.

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